sábado, 1 de mayo de 2010

Call cousin Vinnie.

The gap between rich and poor hasn't really widened in a particularly meaningful way. The increase in the Gini coefficient (which measures income inequality) has been caused by a tiny tiny number of people becoming exceptionally wealthy (basically the effect of the growth in the financial market and London becoming the capital of the financial ... Ver másworld). People haven't been getting poorer at the bottom, their incomes simply haven't grown as fast as the few people who've sold their soul to financial corporations. Do you want a Government that increases the minimum wage in leaps and bounds to keep up with the incomes of new sectors of the economy? Or do you want it to enact some sort of pay freeze on private companies so the statistics look better for inequality? Both are ludicrous ideas.
In a similar vein this is a good article on tax redistribution:

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