lunes, 18 de septiembre de 2006

The british diplomacy

Otra parada pensada para el trip son algunas ciudades de Inglatera. Me meti en la pagina del consulado Britanico en Argentina y me vino a la mente esa buena frase de Eric Hobswan: El mercantilismo Ingles abria los mercados a cañoñasos.
The Falkland Islands lie in the South West Atlantic. The largest islands are East Falkland and West Falkland and the main town is Stanley. The Islands have a permanent population of 2,913 and approximately 2,000 live in the Stanley area. The rest of the population live on smaller settlements in “Camp” (the local term for the countryside). The population is almost exclusively of British descent and English is the common language. In the Spanish-speaking world the Falkland Islands are often referred to as “Las Islas Malvinas”.
  • Luego, vienen los conceptos Maquiavelicos...
On 2 April 1982 General Galtieri, leader of Argentina’s military regime ordered the invasion and illegal occupation of the Falkland Islands. A British Task Force was despatched immediately and, following a conflict in which over 1,000 British and Argentine lives were lost, the Argentine forces surrendered on 14 June 1982.
  1. Pues, seguido de una mala accion, debe venir una buena segun le decia Nicolas a los Medici... Since then the pace of development in the Islands has accelerated with the construction of a new hospital, a new school, port facilities and an international airport.
  2. Finalmente... manten a tus amigos cerca y a tus enemigos aun mas cerca...There is no restriction against Argentine tourists visiting the Falkland Islands. The Islands are economically independent and do not receive financial aid from the UK. Many families on the Islands can trace their routes roots back to the 1833 settlers

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